Get Shacked in Style with Waverider

The Waverider Real Estate Surf Club is an exclusive portfolio of high-end and world-class private residences located in the world’s premier surf communities, now available for the ultimate surf vacation.  The Waverider Collection is owned by surfers for surfers; envisioned and managed by a group of surf-minded individuals with a passion for surf and travel. Waverider is now offering you the opportunity to rent our amazing residences, where you, your friends and family can surf, escape, relax and discover new adventures.

Our focus is to provide you with personalized service and the best experience. Whether it is helping you to book your trip, hooking you up with a local surf guide or simply finding you the best waves, Waverider delivers on all your needs and desires.

Here are some of our favorite surf destination rental options that we have worked with in the past and/or hope to work with in the future.  Click on the links below to view and book.